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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

As You Bite Your Tongue - #OctPoWriMo

Image by MDragonwillow 
#OctPoWriMo Day 3 prompt - Taste of Metal. Are the words flowing for you? Is poetry moving through your body?

Taste of metal
red hot
burning fire
air restricted
until you gasp from the heat and know you only have a moment to decide

taste of metal
in your mouth
as you bite your tongue
stopping the words
stopping the flow

you open your mouth
you must speak
you must tell the truth
your truth
it grabs at you
pulling you
the words refuse to give up
they tear at your tongue
pulling you to open your mouth

taste of metal
eating away at you

slamming the door and walking away
opening your mouth to the sky to scream
laughter flows out
people look
but you don't care
you're free
tears run down your cheeks

taste of metal
floats away on the cloads
freedom never tasted
so sweet

Read, Dance, Write, Repeat
Morgan Dragonwillow
Bodywork transformer, dancing poet, motivator of words, & magical instigator
amzn.to/2vNR1Kg Creatrix of #OctPoWriMo & #PoetsonthePage


  1. Intense. A journey of passionate thoughts :)

  2. "...know you only have a moment to decide..." This phrase struck me as we have all been there and will be there, at a place where we have to decide in an instant whether to speak up or not.

    I could feel the emotion and loved the evolution into laughter and freedom. Thank you, Morgan. xoA

  3. Love the last couplet. Poetry that sets us free... the most beautiful kind.

  4. This one motivates me, Morgan! Time to stop biting my tongue and speak up. Thanks!

  5. "You must speak. You must tell the truth..." It can be so difficult but does gift us with freedom. Love this one!

  6. So glad you chose to resist an attempt at silencing you. As time goes on the more I see these manipulations made to make us "bite our tongue."

  7. This powerful poem challenges us all to accept the responsibility to speaking up . . . even at great cost. The emotion in this poem is very intense, lightened by the hope and celebration of freedom at the end. A very moving poem. Thank YOU.

  8. "you open your mouth/choking/vomiting/you must speak/you must tell the truth/your truth"

    THIS. I experienced it a few times too many. Still experience it to preserve my children from being torn between parents more than they are already.

    Thank you for writing this passionate poem.


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