Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Can I sleep here tonight?

It seems I had forgotten to publish this yesterday...


Can I sleep here tonight?
My mind went blank with incredulity
My heart went a-thumping with glee
Your scent filling the room, your warmth against my body
Your mere presence in my bed, so close to me
Every time I opened an eye, I couldn't help be feel oh, so lucky.

I didn't quite go with OctPoWriMo's Day 3 prompt. It had to do with tasting metal, and it wasn't what I needed to write about this early morning. 

However, I tried to use the Cherita form. 1 line stanza/2 lines stanza/3 lines stanza. And it needs to tell a story. 

I had a story to tell, even if I'm not sure I told it well enough.  I enjoyed having this story to tell. 😊

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