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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Day They Met

Let's set the scene:
February 15th, early morning
Dark room, coloured lights swirling
Loud music blaring
A crowded dance floor
People there for various reasons
Some to celebrate Valentine's day
Some to lose themselves in the sound
Some hunting for their next prey
Or find their future partner,
Others simply to have fun
She was there,
Silver lace dress over black tights
Dancing freely, to feel alive
Eyes closed at times, focused on the music
Other times scanning the crowd, people-watching ;
Some were already in couples,
For life or for a night,
Men were trying their luck,
Uninterested women turning their backs,
Wanting to be left alone.
Others were more responsive,
Gazes locked, smiles on faces...
Suddenly, as if caught in a light beam,
On the edge of the dance floor, she saw him.
Her heart beat faster, yet time stood still;
In that instant, she noticed his features:
Sharp brown eyes, caramel skin,
Slim, but muscular, no hair to be seen,
Forehead never-ending
Two darker dimples nestled above his eyebrows
Handsome in an unconventional, assertive way;
 "Egyptian God" was her first thought.
Their eyes didn't meet,
She closed hers and kept dancing
Resigned that he hadn't seen her,
Or wasn't interested.
As it happens, he was scanning the room,
Noticing another man who seemed keen.
His hand forced, he made his move.
She was dancing by herself,
Eyes closed, lost in the music,
Focused on the sensations in her body.
He reached for her hand, swirled her around.
Surprised, she opened her eyes
And couldn't believe who was standing there.
Her Egyptian God , saying "You're a good dancer"
A gentle smile illuminating his face.
She couldn't believe her luck!
She hadn't come there to find anyone,
But this man had something,
Though she wasn't sure what exactly...
She lowered her eyes, full of disbelief,
And thanked him for the compliment;
Bu a smile was already forming on her face.
He couldn't believe his luck,
That she didn't reject him.
It was as if a bolt of lightning
Had followed him to her
And settled upon them.
He was patient,
Assertive, but not pushy,
Reading her as if he'd always known her
His touch electrified her,
Lighting sparks along her spine,
Then between her legs,
Over and over again;
The desire in his eyes was palpable,
His lips, his tongue, claimed her
And she willingly surrendered to them,
Arms pinned above her head,
Back arched, hopeful for his fingers,
His kiss.
That night, they set the dance floor on fire.
On a note, scribbled,
His phone number was waiting for her
As she came back to their table.
He was showing deference,
Giving her the choice of where this led.
When he wanted to go,
She followed him
Towards the entrance of the club,
Not ready to let go.
They stood there, facing each other,
Him leaning on the wall,
Her standing in front of him;
There too, she was free to decide,
Not pinned to the wall, all escape impossible.
They talked and talked
Much longer than expected,
Learnt a bit more about each other,
Age, children, languages,
The conversation simply flowed,
Spiked with brushing fingers and stolen kisses,
Teasing ones from her,
Keeping him hungry for more.
He wanted to go home,
She wanted to dance still,
Her freedom quite new to her,
A deep need to enjoy it to its fullest.
He stayed.
To be with her,
Or to secure his prey from other hunters?
They had more fun.
Like teenagers,
Oblivious to the people around.
Until she finally grew tired.
He escorted her to her car.
They kissed
And he finally felt he could leave.
Beating heart,
Wondering what was going to happen,
She drove home,
Hottest scenes on replay
In the cinema of her mind.
Fast forward a few years,
Desire has blossomed
Into Love,
Respect, support.
She is one lucky woman,
And he also seems to think
He is one lucky man,
Proud to be seen with her.
Together, they've already been
Through more troubles
Than many in a lifetime.
Health problems, complicated divorce, financial difficulties.
He's never shied away from offering support,
always shown her he believes in her,
She can do it, doesn't need help,
Just the gentleness of a man
Ready to stand by her side.
Ok, the prompt was "When lovers meet"... there was a suggested form too, but I simply couldn't go with it.
I know there is no rhyme nor rhythm, I know there aren't many poetic expressions. Just the love in my heart, and it'll have to do for today.
This relates something I already wrote about, a long time ago, in prose. But it also adds The Dancer's perspective, which he gave to me a little while back, as we were reminiscing.
I love him. I'm the luckiest woman on Earth.


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