Saturday, October 21, 2017

Nothing remains the same

Alone at last;
Breaking from the stranglehold
Caused by your ceaseless control;
Difficult deed it is
Escaping these pervasive voices,
Fighting the urge to lie down,
Grappling for my truth
Hidden deep under your lies;
Introspection is vitally important,
Judging myself needs to stop,
Knocking myself down as well;
Listening to others' advice 
Makes little sense,
Not when they don't care about me 
Or have my best interest at heart;
Progress keeps happening:
Quitting is not an option
Resilience was acquired during all these abused years;
Self-respect is now starting to bloom
Thanks to unconditional love and
Unrelenting support;
Velvety caresses,
Warm embraces and words,
Xenophile passion...
Your hate will not win.
Zoom out till you're gone. 
Your power over me is fading: 
Nothing remains the same;
 I shall overcome!
After a very difficult start of the day, we managed to get to my Mom's, and spirits are higher. 
I'm still quite shaken by this morning's experience, but hopefully I'll manage to explain what happened to my child. Why it was so hurtful. 
For now, I'll go play cards! 
Today's prompt was an abecederian. I did it. 


  1. I come from rather a controlling family and was involved in several abusive relationships. This poem speaks to that aspect of my life in this incarnation.

    1. I'm hoping that you managed to get into more stable and supportive realtionships.
      I'm glad my poem made you relate, though I'm sad you could.

  2. You did a great job with the form and created a manifesto for yourself! Thank you. xoA

  3. Love this, "Your power over me is fading:" Well done.


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