Grab a cup of tea or coffee (oh what the heck, get a danish too!) and sit a spell. You might want to grab your notebook and pen because you never know when you will be inspired to write down a quote, or jot down a poem of your own. Words are like that, they take you on a journey and the next thing you know you are breathing life into your own magical world of words.

Friday, October 6, 2017


This morning, it seems
I'm caught in a dream.

I am fearless
I am weightless;
I jump up high
I reach the sky
But don't come down:
I float around

From atop observing
Unafraid of falling
Utterly confident
Secure, omniscient,
I am fully aware;
I can dance through the air
I can hear, feel and taste
As Wind touches my face;
I yield to her caress
Providing full access;
She seeps through, a solvant
Extirpating moments,
Memories from my life:
From close up, it was rife
With sadness and hardship;
From afar, all the clips
Blend to form a jumble
Where joys and miracles,
In most vibrant colours,
Drown out the dulled ambers,
Darkened woods and sad greys;
High above my life's daze,
I gain new perception
A fresh insight, a lesson

I feel good;
I am strong;
I am free

This morning, I woke up to a dream. I was in my children's gym, there were huge trampolines. I went on them (as if I was actually fit enough!) and... the rest is in the poem.
I didn't follow OctPoWriMo Day 6's prompt. It took me all day to write this, find words I liked. I'm not sure how well it works, but I'm glad I got to express it in some way.


  1. beautiful and indeed uplifting!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad it had that effect on you too :)

  2. I like the sense of perspective - being high up and looking down and around at your life.

  3. I like the floating thoughts which speak your mind :)


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