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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Simple Life - OctPoWriMo

“There is nothing more beautiful than living a simple life in this complex universe!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

The OctPoWriMo prompt is: Finally I understand... 
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finally I understand 

 understand what life is all about 

 about simple things that matter most 

 most  days  I  can  keep  my   spirits   up 

 up in  the  clouds  mingling  with my muse 

muse inspires words and creations to  flow 

flow  of   energy   keeps   life   smooth 

 smooth as apples on an autumn day 

 day of writing, my kind of bliss 

 bliss  dancing  with my  soul 

 soul whispers of life's purpose 

 purpose  to  share  and  inspire  joy 

joy   of   creativity,   nature,   and  love 

love is the answer to every single question 

question everything, even what you believe  

 believe  and  be  open  to  all  possibilities 

 possibilities grow in a fertile environment 

 environment of laughter and sunshine 

 sunshine leads to expanded views 

views of the ocean calms my mind 

 mind of chatter falls away and down 

 down into the earth for flowers to grow

Read, Dance, Write, Repeat
Morgan Dragonwillow
Bodywork transformer, dancing poet, motivator of words, & magical instigator
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  1. I feel that one thing a person must have in order to begin gaining such understanding and feelings of peace is time, something which tends to be in short supply in my life. Stress isn't conducive to enlightenment. I think about how in Brave New World the laborers were kept placated with Soma. Anyone who has enough understanding to know that the Soma creates a lie that keeps them trapped is bound to feel dissatisfied and perhaps angry.
    How I got all this from such a very pleasant poem, I truly don't know. Perhaps because I think it's something I'm not likely to feel in this lifetime.

    1. Hi Cara, Remember possibilities... I truly believe anything is possible. To say it's something you're not likely to feel in this lifetime, you just never know what your future holds.

      I love that my words took you on this inner journey. I hope you explore it further on the page.


    2. Reading your comment made me think of this

      Not to say that I succeed. Far from it ;)
      But I think writing poetry is one of the ways I meditate.

  2. I like the form of the poem, stream of consciousness sort ot. I need to try it some time.

    Particularly loved " love is the answer to every single question/question everything, even what you believe/believe and be open to all possibilities/possibilities grow in a fertile environment"
    All of these make so much sense to me!

    1. I agree - 'stream of consciousness' or continuous awareness or the likes. Lovely poem, Morgan.

    2. I loved the same lines, Dawn D. xoA

    3. Dawn, I wanted you to see what this poem was originally before I spent hours and hours reworking and writing to come up with the finished poem. I wrote a rough draft of over half the poems during September and then I play with them before posting.

      finally I understand
      I understand that life is hard
      I understand that life is good
      I understand that life is love
      love, waiting to be found
      waiting for you to open your eyes
      waiting for you to see what's all around but you're closed off
      you don't even see,
      take the blinders off
      open up
      you can do it.
      Life is waiting
      Wake up
      I know you can.

  3. What a beauty! Loved it immensely,Morgan. :)

    1. Thanks, Sunita, glad you're on this poetic journey with us.

  4. Morgan, I enjoyed your poem as many parts spoke to me. One was "views of the ocean calm my mind." That is my go-to place when I am upset or stressed and need to relax.

    I also loved how you began each line with the last word of the previous line. Very cool. Thank you. xoA

    1. Thank you, Annis. There seems to be something powerful that happens when starting the next line with the last word, it takes it deeper. The ocean is my go to place as well and I don't see far enough of it.

  5. I loved this, especially:

    "love is the answer to every single question

    question everything, even what you believe

    believe and be open to all possibilities

    possibilities grow in a fertile environment

    environment of laughter and sunshine

    sunshine leads to expanded views"

    Love and expanded views are the secret. Thank you for sharing it with us so beautifully.

    1. Words that were wrung from me but came from elsewhere, my soul is sneaky when I'm not always hearing clearly to find a way to get the words on the page. Thanks, February Grace.

  6. I adore this - and love the word chain from end to beginning

    1. Thanks, Jenni, it is my new favorite form. For the moment anyway. I go through periods where one form shows up more than another.

  7. I love this form and the message of hope your poem brings.

    1. Thank you, Michele, the hope comes from my soul. It has enough for both of us.


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