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Monday, October 30, 2017

Forbidden City

I had an idea of where I could go with this but I couldn't publish my post on this site (Morgan agreed to let me share my poetry here so I could get some feedback from the other poets taking part in the challenge)...
So I'll take a different route for now. 
Seen from the temples atop the nearby hills,
Yellow roofs in a misty sea of winter chills
Lost amid the hustle of modernity
Oasis of quiet in a bustling city.
Mao looks over the throng of people who wait
But time stands still once you pass through the ornate gate
Enthralled by the craft of forgotten dynasties
Oasis of quiet in a bustling city.
Ten small statues stand watch on the roof's sloping eaves
To protect the Emperor from cheats and thieves
A thousand buildings for court and family
Oasis of quiet in a bustling city.
Long ago the seat of imperial power
Now a place where tourists can leisurely wander
Though it's also used by the military
Oasis of quiet in a bustling city.


  1. You took me straight to Tiananmen Square.
    Loved the images you evoked.

    And thanks for posting so many lovely comments on my blog already . It's so, so encouraging...


    1. I loved my stay in China. It was a lovely Mother-Daughter trip, and we lived it to the fullest.
      I'm glad my comments had a positive effect on you. I wouldn't post them if I didn't mean what I wrote.
      I think I tried to follow you, but apparently I didn't succeed, since I'm not getting any notifications when you post something new. Any ideas?

  2. Lovely poem. I've also been to China and your poem brought back fond memories of that trip. Thank you. xoA

  3. i like the contrasts you created in the land of emperors

    1. Thank you. It is really impressive, when you watch from atop the hill, the difference between the peace of the forbidden city and the hustle of Beijing!


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