Grab a cup of tea or coffee (oh what the heck, get a danish too!) and sit a spell. You might want to grab your notebook and pen because you never know when you will be inspired to write down a quote, or jot down a poem of your own. Words are like that, they take you on a journey and the next thing you know you are breathing life into your own magical world of words.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Family you choose for yourself,

Ready to help at the drop of a hat;

Incredibly happy for your successes;

Enjoying time in their company

Never fails to cheer you;

Differences don't matter:

Strong supporters through struggles and joys

This was started a while ago, after a dear friend was there for me, once more.
 I felt that I needed to write an ode to Friendship.
I posted it early this morning my time, and it turns out... it does fit the prompt for day 1 of OctoPoWriMo, as it is friends that encouraged me to start/keep writing poetry.


  1. Hi Dawn, happy to share this space with you. When you post a poem here you might want to comment on that days prompt post with the link going directly to your post. That way if people have already been to this blog, they know to come back. =)

    We'll done!

  2. Thank you!
    I'll try that then...
    And thank you for sharing this space, it is much appreciated!

  3. I don't have many friends and my real life family isn't close. I've often wondered what it would be like to have a big support system.

    1. I moved so often that I learnt to rely on a different support system, learnt to make friends 'quickly'. In this instance, it is friends, in real life and on WP, who told me to keep writing, including poetry. I wouldn't be where I am without them. Thank you for reading Cara!

  4. Sometimes friends do make the best family! Enjoyed your poem.

    1. I was reminded of that not that long ago, when a friend of mine got into a big family feud. At least she can rely on her friends.
      It was also a necessity, when moving away from family so often, to create your own 'new' family!

      Thank you for reading.
      I have a question: are you sillysam?

  5. Thank you for reading my blog and posting so many comments, Dawn. It encouraged and inspired me so much ...


  6. Thank you for your comment on my blog , Dawn. I haven't ironed "piles" of washing for years now. I do an item when needed. I gave up when the burden of it seemed to rule my life and a good friend who also had a large family let me into her secret, the same as yours really, of folding and putting away. What a liberation that was. You seem to be mega busy. I hope things ease for you sometime soon..



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