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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Pop Goes the...

I saw a pheasant take off the other day

Flight heavy, yet graceful in its own way

I thought to myself

"What a sight to witness!"

Then I remembered, hunting season is underway...


This is not at all the poem I had started to write for OctPoWriMo day 4, but I saw a friend post a picture of a vibrant cardinal that visited her house, which reminded me of the pheasant. 

I may need to explain that, where I live, hunters actually buy pheasant chicks to feed, raise, then release just before hunting season starts. That way, they are sure to have prey to shoot at. 

I mean, these poor birds never got to try their wings, don't know how to find food, so stick to cultures and close to houses, and/or are too weak to fly for a very long time. 

And they call it hunting. 😔


  1. Replies
    1. :)
      I'm glad you did. It's something the form lends itself to. I enjoy limericks for that twist effect.
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Often those poems that demand writing despite what we have planned end up being our favorites. I like this one and feel something akin to pity for the poor pheasants. :/

    1. Yes, it's funny, isn't it, where words can take us sometimes...
      I do feel a lot of pity for the poor birds. Pheasants are beautiful creatures, long golden feathers making up their tail.
      I know nature is harsh, but this feels a little bit too much like man thinking he can do whatever he wants with nature, as if it had to provide for us, even if we're being cruel.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. so sad "sportsmen" think such practice is sporting. hoping that some survive despite the odds...

    1. Yes, I'm so sad too. I do hope that some survive, but between hunters and natural predators, I fear the odds are highly stacked against them. :(


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