Saturday, October 28, 2017

I belong

I belong in the forest
I belong in the trees
Feeling their rough bark
Against my hands and knees
Brings me comfort
As energy flows through me.
I belong in the forest
I belong in nature
Under cover of the canopy
Humidity makes me shiver
Putrefied scent of fallen leaves
Soil composted from rotting timber
I belong in nature
I belong in the fields
Dark, rich earth just upturned
Across the many wealds
Ground smokes under the sun's hot gaze
Prepared for next year's yield.
I belong in nature
I belong in the braes
With hedges glowing like jewels
Under the warm sunrays.
Tangled branches glide by as I drive
Gold, reds and browns pave the way
I belong in the braes
I belong in the mountains
Mighty ridges towering
Remind us daily how we, humans
are no more than lowly creatures
Scuttling frantically around in vain.
I belong in the forest, I belong in the trees,
I belong in nature, I belong in the braes,
I belong in the fields, I belong in the mountains;
I belong on this Earth
One tiny element
Of something much bigger
Than me.


  1. I love this one, Dawn. Great reminder of all nature has to offer. I especially liked your last summary stanza. Thank you. xoa

    1. Thank you Annis.
      I had to do a lot of deiving yesterday, and as I did, I observed nature around me, was reminded of the scents and feelings of the forest (I have a strong connection to trees)...
      I'm glad you enjoyed it too.
      Thank you! XO

  2. I love the imagery of nature you present and the way you put us into the mix of nature.


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